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Oofa, it’s been a busy week. Between rushing back from Syracuse last Saturday for the Elmwood Arts festival, to the Buffalo Photowalk Saturday night, and school starting up Monday I haven’t had any time to work on photo’s. Finally got around to it this morning when my puppy Griffin had me up at 4:00 because he insisted on having to use the bathroom; the nerve of some people right?

At any rate, the Buffalo Photowalk was a HUGE success, and I’d like to thank the 23 photographers that came out and enjoyed the beautiful weather and city atmosphere. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, a gentle 78 degrees, deep blue sky and only two near deaths. All in all not to bad.

I’m not exaggerating about the near deaths either. One of our photographers was in the middle of the street in the middle of a green light and after he got his shot he continued walking across the way and almost made out with a SUV. But to his credit as he dove out of the way he snapped a frame; only a photographer right? Our Photowalk winner, Stacey was nearly sideswiped by a train as she snapped her winning time elapsed subway shot. Luckily Stacey walked away unscathed and still got the shot. b/c that’s truely whats important right?

We had alot of good shots come out from the Buffalo Photowalk, I encourage you to visit the Buffalo Photowalk flickr page and view some of the fantastic work our locals did. I shouldn’t say locals, some of them traveled from the north or south towns, and a couple even drove two hours in from Jamestown.

As for me, I was quite preoccupied trying to make sure no one was arrested or hit by traffic to fully concentrate on my shots. But I think I snapped a few decent ones.

This gentlemans story was interesting and sad at the same time. He kindly asked us why so many people were visiting Buffalo. I explained to him what we were up to and he found it really interesting. He then went on to tell me about how he’s been on the street for 13 months because the factory he worked at near Buffalo shipped their jobs overseas and couldn’t find anything else. He lost his small single family home and was trying to eventually make it up to Toronto to hopefully find work. It’s a sad, yet not uncommon 21st century American story. After a few moments of general chit chat he asked me for a little change so he could take the train to the upper west side, I obliged and he said feel free to take a snapshot of him as long as “my ugly mug doesn’t break the lens,” as he put it.

This is somewhat inspiring to me as it has started a sideproject I’ve been wanting to do for some time since I moved to Buffalo. The homeless population here is quite astounding. Granted, I come from a smaller Upstate NY city that had about four homeless people in the town. But when I arrived in Buffalo I was quite interested in the larger number of homeless people, and their story. It’s a touchy topic because many people feel that these humans, and they are humans like you and I, deserve to be homeless as if it’s a choice.  While I find statements like that ignorant, you do wonder what their story is and if that spare change you had is going to buy them a sandwich or a 40oz. I did see him get on the train though, so at least he was honest about it.


One o the challenges, and I know I’m not the only one, is how to photograph the same photo differently.  I used the Buffalo Photowalk to try to work on this task. I have in my collection about a 100 shots of this landmark, Buffalo City hall and the McKinnely monument. The sun was hitting it just right so the buildings were naturally darker, there was some detail, not much. I’m a big fan of silouhetted images, I like the mystic and power behind them. I increased my shutter speed to 1/800sec @ f3.5 with my 18-55 lens with a wide angle adapter attached. It’s a powerful image because it’s a landmark that all Buffalo folk are familiar with, however its a different take on a familiar subject.

That’s all I’ll share here. My shots from the Buffalo Photowalk can be found at my website. The dog is barking so I need to take him out. The least he could do is just ask me to walk him, amiright?

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