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I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands lately, with the whole ‘being laid off’ from my bread and butter job. It has given me a little additional time to go out and shoot random things.

In my spare time I’m into hiking andĀ  luckily Western New York is loaded with smallĀ  two mile trails placed sporatically through out the metropolitan area. There are also some massive state parks in an hour distance from me; Letchworth, Alleghany, Iroquois Wildlife Refuge are a few. About a week or so ago I hopped on google and searched some trails in the area and stumbled upon Cayuga Creek in Cheektowaga (this area is loaded with Native American names).

The park/trail was pretty great, despite the rain/snow mix that was falling on me. There was quite a bit of wildlife throughout the trail even though the 90 is about 2 miles away from the north end. I’m not trying to say I can talk to the animals, but they tend to let me get close:

The birds seemed to follow me through the trail. I would photograph them, they’d fly ahead of me, I’d catch up, shoot some more and so on and so forth. The deer were interesting. I saw them staring at me and was reluctant to get close, but figured what the heck. I guess what’s important is doing something with my time and staying positive. I’ll be heading out around the suburbs this weekend since I have time and there’s fresh powder on the ground.

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