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So after buying the astronomically expensive iPhone because as I told my loved one “I needed it,” I finally started buying apps. I mean, why have a $300 phone if you’re not going to buy a $2.99 app, right? So I finally got around to checking out the photography apps. Many of the photography apps listed on iTunes are for uploading to photosharing sites, thus pretty useless to me. I searched and searched for a photo-app that would allow me to take notes from locations so I didn’t need to keep a log, mainly because my handwritting is awful and down the road I want to be able to read my notes.

I then found PhotoJot. PhotoJot is a $2.99 app that is absolutely remarkable. PhotoJot allows you to take photos right in the app, gps location, take notes from locations and a slew of other features. One of the great feautes is the GPS locator.  I have always said to my fellow photo-iPhone users that the Maps program just needs the ability to jot a not down so I can keep track of locations on a map. PhotoJot is great for doing this. The only problem is, and hopefully it gets fixed in an update, that the GPS coordinates are only in Lat/Long calculations. Thus you’re not looking at a physical map. Ideally the photojot program could have a dedicated map program so you could actually see where the location is, or be able to export the Lat/Long calculation to the Maps app so you can get directions to your shoot, or to a hotspot.

PhotoJot also allows you to note Aperture/ISO/Shutter/Flash/Flash Power ratings in each “jot” so you can go back to a location and know how you’ll be shooting. One not section I hope they add with an update is a Lens section, to jot down what lens you used or would use at a location.

The interface is very very simple, clean and easy. Many times these iPhone developers get caught up in the glitz and glam of building an iPhone app and forget that the iPhone is a tool for some people, PhotoJot does a great job complimenting people using the iPhone as a tool.

I recently used the app on a trip to a state park that had a lot of photogenic spots I want to revisit in the winter time and I was able to take very clear notes about location, what to bring next time, best time of day at that location. PhotoJot is a fantastic iPhone app that any iPhone using photographer should have.

For more information about PhotoJot, visit: http://web.infofission.com/photojot.html

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